Thursday, March 1, 2012

Crossfit Love

What a week of workouts! I've been Crossfitting for about six months now with Crossfit Kailua and my body is still consistently challenged- being broken down and built back up to amazing strengths.

After Hasselhoff's deployment last year, we found ourselves in Hawaii "fat and happy," until we realized soon that we were just fat and lazy. Just in the knick of time Crossfit Kailua opened right down the street from my house!

I signed up right then and there! The coaches are amazing and I've met some great friends! Only in the last two months have we amped up our eating habits by following the Paleolithic Diet. Yes please!

This week has really kicked my ass... literally! Here are my WODs so far:

Monday: As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
                3 Broad Jumps
               15 Box Jumps
               30 Double Under Jump-ropes

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday:                                                                  Thursday:

I realize this may look like a foreign language to some people, but these are generally what my daily workouts look like. I am down 25 pounds, up a whole lotta muscle and can officially say that I might stand a chance at surviving a Zombie Apocalypse. Who wants to be on my team!?

Although, some

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