Thursday, February 16, 2012

A little bit about me...

At first, I was going to put the information contained in this post in the "profile" section of my blog, but that is just too constraining. How am I supposed to fit the chaos of the past 28 years in to tiny boxes labeled "Favorite Movies," "Favorite Books" and "Interests?" That's just much too boring. So the next several blog posts you might see, serve to assist us in getting to know each other!

I guess you could call me an "Island Girl." That seems to be where I have ended up more often than not over the years. I was born into the 7th generation of my family on Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington. Throughout my childhood I split my time between here and a small farm in Bow, just a ferry ride away. I say, with delight, that I have had the best of both worlds my entire life!

Eagle Cove

My summers and weekends were spent in the San Juans, roaming the beaches and tide pools of Eagle Cove, swimming in my Aunt Kerri's pond, hiking to the top of Mount Young and working my small retail job where I developed my taste for expensive outdoor hobbies. I may have complained a time or two about the swarms of tourists that flocked to our tiny town and asked questions like: "What time do the whales swim by?" ;)

Mount Young Bald Eagle

View from Mount Young Summit

During the school year, I enjoyed the peace and serenity of a small family farm in Bow-Edison. I spent my days entertained by horses, cows, chickens, pheasants, birds, dogs, cats. There were trees to climb, four-wheelers to race, bon-fires to dance around, and hundreds of other adventure-filled activities waiting, literally, right out my backdoor.
Sunrise in Bow

The constant change of lifestyle, pace, and scenery was the perfect incubator for my growing sense of adventure and curiousity. Even today, I find myself often thinking... this world just has WAY to much to offer!!


  1. I can't wait to hear more about you! You are a beautiful and interesting person.

  2. Wahoo, Megan! I'm excited to follow your blog :)