Monday, February 27, 2012

Tequila tried to kill me...

What a weekend! Saturday morning, Hasselhoff and I headed to North Beach on Marine Corps Base Hawaii- Kaneohe Bay for a quick surf session. Unfortunately, our good time was cut short after a rude run-in with the off-duty, base Provost Marshall (head of Police). FYI: If you do not live on base, your dogs are not allowed anywhere on base except for the Vet. This includes beaches. What a bummer! We had never heard this rule before! North Beach was one of our favorites! We walked back to our truck in defeat, but on our way several people approached us and expressed their sympathy to our situation. Apparently this woman Provost Marshall is despised, especially by dog-owners that live in the same neighborhood as her. I was slightly comforted to know that I wasnt the only frustrated beach-goer, doggie walker.

Trying not to let the unpleasant  woman ruin our day, we packed up our camping gear and headed to Bellows Beach for some good ole fashioned camping with great friends. While everyone errected their massive four-room tents and filled them with full-size airmattresses, Hasselhoff and I set up our tiny two-man backpacking tent with half-length Thermarests. We are often the butt of jokes with our camping gear in Hawaii. Most of it was purchased in Washington and meant for backpacking- lightweigh, small in size and incredibly water-proof. We may have stuck out like a sore thumb, but that didnt stop us from having a jolly time- well equiped with Margarita Makings!

Although I woke up Sunday morning with a screaming headache and a fuzzy brain, I reminisced about the conversations that took place the night before, mostly about politics, religion, and science. Phrases like "Damn Liberals," "But What about Sickle-Cell Anemia?" and "Imma go Walkabout," came up quite frequently all night long! (Sigh and Smile)...Tequila always makes for great nights!

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